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Molly Records

The Adventures of MollyMan ;) video game theme song

(December 2015 edition)


Molly Records, INC

Founded: 2006
Owner/Creator: Prince Saied
Certifications: NCIDQ certified

Areas of expertise:  Music production, animation, mobile app design, web development, video mixing and game development.

Music Production, animation and game development

Whos got the Molly?! (Alien in the Attic)


Haters get it Reggaeton style


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Molly records is your home to trippy surreal creative artwork!  We produce 3d animation, audio, video, mobile and desktop video games and your number 1 place for trippy/cool stuff.  All of the artwork was created from scratch and we appreciate all feedback and working with others so please HIT US UP!

Are you mad bro?! (feat Alien in the Attic)


Dubstep liquid Fuck (Extended)