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Born and raised in Orlando Florida. Currently resides in Las Vegas Nevada working for the hottest nightclubs in the world and happy to take care of you if you are coming in town. Obtained his bachelors in Information Technology in 2014. He was also a soccer referee and computer programmer before the age of 10 and started doing 3d animation, programming and video editing when in high school. He loves creative thought, critical thinking and cant wait to express himself through 3D animation and game design as well as working with others.

14 April 2016

Update feedback!

Creator/Designer Prince Saied

  • Mobile efficiency of Adventures of MollyMan
  • integration with multiplayer functionality
  • facebook sdk online score share and submission
  • animation of storyline


Prince Saied,

Creator of Molly Records

25 April 2016

reached our goal!

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Thanks for stopping by Molly Records dot com! Molly records is your home to trippy surreal creative artwork!  We produce 3d animation, audio, video, mobile and desktop video games and your number 1 place for trippy/cool stuff.  All of the artwork was created from scratch and we appreciate all feedback and working with others so please HIT US UP!

Hide yo Kidz hide yo wife!!

11 April 2016

Day of launch!!